The Verisend SPF Fail Advisory List

Listing Policy

The Verisend SPF Fail List is an advisory list of messages received that failed SPF by people who use the Verisend email verification system.

This is not a blacklist, because each Domain owner controls their own SPF. This list shows when our users get misconfigured SPF information and our correct reading says that this sender is not authorized to send mail on behalf of the Domain, which looks similar to spoofing and phishing messages.

Messages are reported by users who spot what they think is a good message, but it is marked as "phishing" when viewing their email.
Here is what Verisend mail recipients see when receiving an email from one of these listed IP addresses:


Once reported, we check the SPF results and if confirmed they are added to the SPF Advisory List.

Notifications of Listings
An automatic notification is sent at the time an SPF listing is created to the owner of the respective top-level network. Generally SBL notifications are sent back to the original sender except for "do not reply" messages, which go to the Abuse Point of Contact.

SPF notifications are provided as a courtesy by Verisend to email senders. Verisend SPF List is not a blacklist, in fact it is quite the opposite: The messages are having deliverability difficulties due to incorrect or misconfigured DNS records of the sending domain.

Removal from the SPF List
SPF Listings are removed once the Domains fixes their SPF records in DNS. We cannot fix these bad or incorrect SPF records. Only the Domain owneer can fix their own SPF record errors.
Once notified by the domain that they have corrected their SPF record, we can rescan the message for SPF results. Messages that do not contain an SPF Fail are then removed.

We also recommend that domain owners register with Verisend to help keep informed of errors that end up on this list. To utilize our service, domain owners can list their domain(s) at Verisend Registration. The registration process allows us to verify that you are the domain owner and allows you to provide your preferred Brand for presentation to users when they receive an email from you, list all of the domains that send mail, and provides you with alerts about SPF errors..

We make our best efforts to check this list for accuracy. If you believe there is a mistake in our list, email Remove@Verisend.Email and we will review and correct any errors.

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