Farmers Market - Downtown

at SB st. and Cota st. every Saturday morning

The SBCFMA is very proud to offer 6 weekly certified farmers’ markets in a neighborhood near you. Each market has its own character and feel, varying in size and selection. We encourage you to take the time to experience them all, as there is nothing better than building that personal relationship with those who work so diligently to grow the food that keeps us nourished.
Our Saturday morning Farmers’ Market have been at the Santa Barbara and Cota St Location since 1982.
The Lash Family, one of our retired Pistachio Farms, built the parking lot, unknowingly establishing the home for our approximately 110 members. Referred to as the ‘Saturday Morning Market,' is our largest and most attended, by farmers and customers alike. The market begins strictly at 8:30 am to the ringing of our Framers' Market bell and closes at 1pm.

Open Hours

Saturday Oct 9 8:30a-1:00p

Repeating Event
Every Saturday Morning


Farmers Market -SB and Cota
110 East Cota St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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