Event Curators

Sharing the Best Events
Greg Farrington
Visual Arts: Modern and Historical

Can Art can change the world and make it a better place for everyone?

Bruce Stark

I am drawn to theater and the arts in whatever form Santa Barbara will accommodate.

Sophie Paolino
Arts, Music, Food, Nightlife, Swim

I create art and I love to share what people in this community are doing!

Francis Paolino
Residential Real Estate - Architecture - Art and Design - Opera

I'm interested in all things real estate and architecture in Santa Barbara.

Isabelle Paolino

Frank Paolino
Pizza, Popups, Community

I love Wood-Fired Pizza events, and Community Events to Revitalize Downtown

Kimi Matar
The social calendar of culinary & charity events in Santa Barbara

Catherine Smith

Join me in all things Santa Barbara

Allison Paolino
Food, entertaining and experiences

I am interested in all things food.

Great Events all around Santa Barbara

Victoria Gillette

Anneliese Place

Amy Robinson
Food, Wine, Culinary Education, Music

I am a co-founder of Epicurean Santa Barbara, a culinary club that specializes in unique experiences for members including chef’s dinners, immersive events, wine tastings/pairings, cooking classes, cocktail events, and more in the SB area.

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