Santa Barbara ToDo

One Community | One Calendar
SBToDo is a free, shared community calendar of all events in Santa Barbara.
One Community - One Calendar
A Free-for-All Calendar that is Event friendly.

We bring people together in meaningful ways to stay connected with our neighbors. When people come together to celebrate events that interest them we begin to break down walls between people and cultures, opening ourselves to new ideas and experiences. These shared experiences go to the core of what makes us human, and what builds community. We do this through a shared, community calendar of events. Accessible via phones, tablets and computers, the site is easily searchable for events today, tomorrow or in upcoming weeks.

Meet Our Curators
The Special People who bring you all the Events that Santa Barbara has to offer!

Curators are Santa Barbara locals who want to share their events with the community – they are the architects of real world events. Our Curators have a passion to share their favorite events with our community. Our platform provides individuals the potential to become an influencer in their field simply by exposure to a larger audience of like-minded people.

SB To Do Foundation
SBToDo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is free to the community.

We use the proceeds from our fundraising to operate the calendar in order to keep our vibrant community connected with one another. It is vital to make this a free service so that large organizations do not overshadow the important local events that make our community so unique.

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